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Real Food for Real Families...and putting faith first

January 15, 2016, written by katie
fruit and veggie platter


I got to thinking....

If I'm doing a presentation to a group of ladies who have interest in eating clean and living well from the inside out, I wonder if my Happily Whole Members might also like to hear what we're talking about! 

So, I decided to record my words and upload them just for YOU! This one is about cleaning up your kitchen so you can feed your family clean. But, my hope is that it also reminds us all of where our motivation and inspiration begins...in a great big God who loved us enough to create these beautiful bodies we walk around in. I mean, if He cared enough to give us a vessel to carry the essence of us, why not care for it out of honor for Him!? 

It's never too late to begin and beginnings are ALWAYS better when He starts with us. So, as you listen to this audio while you're working around the house or sitting at your table to take notes, remember this: You have worth right where you are simply because HE MADE YOU! 

 This presentation is a full hour...so take your time. Split it into two or three sessions for yourself by pausing and coming back when you are ready for more. I hope this will help many of you make a few small effective changes! 



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