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Resolutions in Reverse

January 9, 2017, written by katie
New Year Resolutions in reverse

I’m a week late on resolutions and loving it! Sure, you might believe a blog all about wellness would’ve wanted to jump on the January bandwagon. Nope, not this one! You see, it’s all about authenticity here on Happily Whole. I ride the ‘inside-out’ train, intent on finding meaning and making connections before measuring waistlines and cutting carbs.

Let me explain what happened the week I intended to write resolutions into my New Year….

A Dare to Live Well Differently: 40 Days of Heart Work

July 16, 2016, written by katie
A Dare to Live Differently: 40 Days of Heart Work

 Lately my life feels a little like it’s teetering on a tight to a tight rope I'm nearly falling from. Is it just me or are you just barely balancing in the act of daily obligations, striving to find fulfillment in even just one moment of the day? It’s easy to miss the meaning in a stormy sea of stress and struggles. Even the ever-present joy of Jesus can drown in long to-do lists or loud yet lonely moments.

But that’s not what living well is all about!

Draft Each Day....and a FREE tool to build healthy habits

March 23, 2016, written by katie
Draft Each Day to Build Holiness into Your Habits


{Read in full to find your FREE Printable}

Each day is a gift.

TODAY is a gift.

Wherever you’re sitting, whatever your soul’s searching for and whatever your mind restlessly roams around in search of, you’ve gotta simply stop to savor this moment right now when you realize how this very day is a gift prepared to give you a little bit of bliss all wrapped up like a quick little kiss.

Unexpected Compliments....Alongside Fear of Complication

May 18, 2015, written by katie
Matt and I


Sometimes things surprisingly complement each other.  Like two flavors you'd never pair but when you taste them together, they tantalize your tastebuds leaving you wanting one more bite over and over again. It's that way with people, too, you know. It happened to me about nine months ago, actually.  God placed something (well, ummm, someONE), in my path, who someHOW seriously complimented me. Dare I say, we complimented each other. But we found it first only in conversation. 

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An Important Writing Assignment

May 11, 2015, written by katie
I am strong when I am weak

I get it. Not everyone likes to write. But, there’s no arguing that the more actively involved you are in any process of change, the more likely you are to be successful. Reading each post and completing the short term goals I’ve laid out very tangibly engages you in this 30 Day Challenge. But writing immerses you in your own unique journey. It will help you absorb more of what you experience here!

Prepare to Surrender for 'Self-Cleaning' with Your Savior

May 4, 2015, written by katie
1 Corinthians 10:31

If you’re reading this you’re probably ready, or at least contemplating, making some healthy changes. Maybe you feel like your body needs refreshing or your soul needs reviving. Maybe your struggling with healthy habits and need a positive, more empowering approach. Well, I hope you’ve found one here at Happily Whole! But before you begin the 'Challenge', here’s what I want you to hear:

30 Day Spring Self-Cleaning Challenge

May 1, 2015, written by katie
30 day spring self-cleaning challenge

Have you trusted God enough to give Him ALL of you? Yes, that even means your struggles with wellness, eating or exercising! So often we withhold those issues from Who created us. We go to Him for everything else but when it comes to wellness, we try to manage it all alone. Maybe that’s why so many of us get stuck in a vicious cycle—because we fail to surrender when we’re not strong enough!

Self-Reliance vs Soul-Revolution: a new approach for your resolutions

January 5, 2015, written by katie
The Soul's Desire is Always Deeper than the Skin's. Make your resolutions into soul-revolutions...


I refuse to write about New Year’s resolutions in the same old soul-draining way. Why? Because wellness the world’s way is never the right way when God’s left in the dust and lost in the droning of fads and fears of failure.

Lose weight by following these eating rules….

Guaranteed to lose inches with this new gizmo…

Get the body you want when you try this trend…

Confessions About Self-Care: How we are all already saved

January 1, 2015, written by katie
Relinquish your wellness goals to God and rejoice!


As you might already know, my version of living well is not necessarily what the world might offer you up on its platter of self-expectation and long lists of rules to follow. In fact, I think some of you might call my approach a bit unconventional.

But, I’ve decided to stand up to the world’s approach. I’m taking it on head-on and hoping you’ll join me.


Because there’s nothing more exhausting than self-reliance when we already have a Savior to rely on.


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