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Confessions About Self-Care: How we are all already saved

January 1, 2015, written by katie
Relinquish your wellness goals to God and rejoice!


As you might already know, my version of living well is not necessarily what the world might offer you up on its platter of self-expectation and long lists of rules to follow. In fact, I think some of you might call my approach a bit unconventional.

But, I’ve decided to stand up to the world’s approach. I’m taking it on head-on and hoping you’ll join me.


Because there’s nothing more exhausting than self-reliance when we already have a Savior to rely on.

And, quite honestly, I’m tired of feeling exhausted. I want to lay my worries and my weaknesses down at the foot of my Father. I want to stop struggling and seek solace, doing my days with the serenity of my Savior.

I want to savor life while I live it well instead of being overcome and obsessing about wellness…fitness…weight…and well, matter of my body!! Don’t you?

And, truth is, you can’t savor anything when you’re rushed and worried. You end up at a standstill wishing for a deeper kind of wellness you’ll never really realize without a sense of peace or higher purpose. Yeah…to really live well, you need His peace.

For too long, I lived in my own little world where wellness existed separately from faith. I’d pray about my purpose. I’d ask for a calling. I’d praise Him for His creation and His holiness. I’d seek forgiveness for my sins. I had faith!

But I never considered worshipping Him through wellness! I kept my personal habits just that—personal. It made no sense. I sought guidance and surrendered to Him in so many other areas of my life. But in this deeply influential aspect of my every day, which happens to also be a personal passion (eating, exercise and all things wellness related), I wasn’t relinquishing control.

And so, the result? I was never satisfied. I spun on my gerbil wheel of wellness, consistently chasing calories with exercise and back again using fitness and food as aesthetic pursuits. I was stuck in the world’s ways of always wanting more.

It wasn’t until I gave my wellness to Him that I finally felt satisfied. In fact, I started feeling better than satisfied! I felt fulfilled as I released my anxiety over aesthetics. I realized my body was already a beautiful creation and my mind was made to find ways to glorify Him through every portion of my passions. He is so faithful…He fills our souls even when we fail to see Him!

Food and fitness are now tools I use to pursue Him more deeply. They are my mechanisms for living well and my medium to talk to you about all life’s lessons. These tangible blessings make me stronger so I can serve Him longer! Go on…you can read it all over in this blog!

Yes, ladies, I am suggesting that we surrender our bodies and all of our ways of wellness to Him, too. If you’ve never asked for His guidance in this deeply influential piece of your personal life, do it now! God doesn’t just want you when you’re at church. He doesn’t only consider family time, social settings or time spent in devotion as opportunities to serve and glorify Him. God wants you to see Him as your all-star all the time!

Let’s really do this living-well thing differently this year. Whatever you’re asking for, whatever your personal passions or your 2015 pursuits may be, give them over to God asking for His input and guidance. As Him to guide your desires and mold your heart and mind as you release your grip on self-reliance. Make your own confession if you’ve also been guilty of omission—omitting Him from His role in your wellness.

And then there’s this:  When we keep that area for ourselves or we begin to obsess about it, we risk making wellness a god instead of giving it over to God.

So, let’s take a new approach here on Happily Whole...it’s not what you’ll see in the social scene. This'll require you to reconsider your standards of success and where your real hope resides.

It’s your anti-worldly resolution...your peace in a complacent world...it’s a kind of wellness that starts with rejoicing instead of weariness!

So, that’s right…let go a little. Write your goals down and then give them to God. Post them on your fridge and get them off the pedestal.

Pray over your 2015 pursuits every day and approach them in a God-pleasing way.

Here’s more on how we will break it down as we travel the road of living well from the inside out together this year…. Read all about each point of making wellness a matter of your heart and soul here: 4 Soul-Revolutionizing Ways to Reach Your Resolutions

We are ALREADY Beautiful! We are HIS Masterpiece


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