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Better Blended. And an energizing, detox smoothie

Each one of us is a living, walking conglomeration of emotions, stresses, strengths, trials and talents. Combining all our characteristics in one breathing body, beating with a free-willed mind constantly clashing between feelings and logic seems a bit risky if you ask me. Then add to the equation all that occurs out of our control to and around us. A circuit could short at any time! We might implode!

…deep breath…

But somehow we don’t self-destruct (arguably, I suppose). We’re always working to keep some kind of balance amidst the blending. We do it by seeking purpose, self-care, prioritizing, soul-care, reasoning with others, organizing our environments, providing safety and nourishment for our families and in ways we don’t even realize.  

What exactly are you working at blending and balancing in your life?

Me? I’m blending families. But that’s not all. Because, if I’m honest, blending families has recently made me a bit of a big-fat-blended up mess. As I peer into the rearview at the last two years, I see how it’s happened. Not that much of my mess was completely preventable or containable. I’m pretty sure it’s part of the process when blending families, parenting styles, children from two bloodlines and two grown adults with established habits and histories. Did I mention that these two particular adults who love each other dearly grew incredibly independent during their single years? But that’s a whole different blog post about my blended-up-marriage-blessing!

Some guards are down and some walls have been built up. In short, the honeymoon is over (and so is any holding back of step-sibling bickering, commitments to clean bedrooms and my initial intention to keep up with all the laundry).

So now I’m in the process of reclaiming what I lost when I gave too much away. In some ways, I’d poured too many ingredients into the family blender creating unrealistic expectations of what I could keep up with while still giving God (and, therefore my family), my best. In other ways, I’d removed some of what probably made my husband fall in love with me in the first place, my very characteristics that beckoned us into this messy, blended, beautiful blessing!

I’m coming back only I’m letting Him do all the blending. Which means I’ll be even better, restored and more prepared for where I am now. God’s blended me up before. At times the process was a slow simmering pressure applied to my life.  Other times He pressed the process button in a painful instant. But once He achieves the exact flavor and consistency He desires, it’s easy to see how the blending creates beautiful blessings!

Are you willing to let God simmer, process or blend you up, even if you can’t quite see what He’s creating or you feel like you’re about to implode?  

Sometimes we avoid it all claiming, ‘this is just who I am’. But Christ sees that as complacency. We aren’t ever to become hardened clay but instead remain moldable vessels forever morphing into the combination He can use to build His kingdom more.

That's what persuades me to let Him create something new in me. Keeping some the same, removing what won't fit in anymore and adding new, healthier ingredients for my life now. I’m sure I’ll screw up and step on His toes by trying to toss in my own two cents. Sooner or later, maybe I’ll learn!  One thing I do know is my desperate need for my Creator.

Are you willing to let Him use all the aspects and essence of you to make something new? Because remember, when we look at our blended messes it’s easy to focus on the burdens. But He always aims to make us better so, even in the process, our messy blending is a blessing.

Now, here’s a real blender recipe. It’s my new, improved morning smoothie designed to energize, cleanse and infuse health into my body! Just like in my life, my body needed something new and more nourishing. 

Probiotics, antioxidents, fiber and protein all make this smoothie super cleansing and uplifting. I love it in the morning but because even more as a late afternoon pick-me-up to get me through to dinner. 


  • ½ cup plain kefir
  • 2 tablespoons aloe juice or gel
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 1 ½ cup dark leafy greens (vary from day to day)
  • ½ banana (I like to peel and freeze my over-ripe ones and use those)
  • Optional: ⅓ cup cucumber (adds a fresh taste and cleansing benefits)
  • Optional: 1 scoop plain or vanilla protein (see note)
  • Enough cold water to blend to the thickness you prefer

Recipe Instructions

  • Put all ingredients into your blender, Ninja, Bullet, Vitamix (or whatever you use) and press play! Let it go until the greens are fully broken up and combined. 
  • TIP: Blend greens with kefir and a little bit of water first if you are having trouble with chunks of greens breaking down in your blender. Then add other ingredients and blend again.
  • TIP: If you use fresh berries, consider adding a few pieces of ice. Because who wants a room temperature smoothie!?

Recipe Notes

I like to add a clean, organic (sometimes vegetarian) protein to this smoothie to support my strength training. Also, because I simply need to make an effort to get enough into my diet. 

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