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Sweet and Simple: living well and a creamy treat

October 12, 2016, written by katie

Why does simplicity seem impossible? Overflowing schedules, complicated relationships, raising kids in our corrupt culture and trying to juggle too many tasks at one time. All things I struggle with! Anyone else maneuvering through to do lists with items still lingering undone at the end of each day? Somehow it feels like the list lengthens as days shorten.

Better Blended. And an energizing, detox smoothie

September 13, 2016, written by katie

Each one of us is a living, walking conglomeration of emotions, stresses, strengths, trials and talents. Combining all our characteristics in one breathing body, beating with a free-willed mind constantly clashing between feelings and logic seems a bit risky if you ask me. Then add to the equation all that occurs out of our control to and around us. A circuit could short at any time! We might implode!

…deep breath…

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, High Protein Energy Balls

March 22, 2016, written by katie

This is the first time I am using a protein powder to make a recipe. I have always stuck to only real and raw foods for making my snacks. But, recently I have been experimenting with increasing my protein intake a lot.

It all started at the beginning of this year when I decided on two personal themes for 2016: Abide and Strengthen. At first they only applied to my spiritual life. 

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Home Baked Herb Bread with Einkorn Flour

February 26, 2016, written by katie

This recipe is simple, back-to-the basics and old-fashioned for those of us the love the aroma of baked bread and the feel of traditional values. 

You make it with few ingredients but lots of love! The ancient form of wheat flour used, Einkorn Flour, makes this yeast loaf easier to digest and lower in gluten than any other kind of wheat sandwich bread. 

Einkorn Wheat is the only kind of wheat crop that has remained the same in quality and nutrition since ancient times. It's unadulterated genetics lends itself to a pure, flavorful and nourishing slice of bread. 

Lies of Omission...and Gluten Free, Crunchy Nut Butter Bars

October 15, 2015, written by katie

She just stared at me. Those eight year old eyes already aware of the sin in not stating the whole truth. Her face blank, her mom (that’s me!) knowing part of the picture was missing. She hadn’t really done anything wrong until that moment she omitted a key element in order to alter my opinion.

It’s not so bad, is it? I mean, just letting a little piece of the whole story go left unsaid?

Grain-Free Strawberry Mango Muffins

May 11, 2015, written by katie

Spring needs a champion muffin, don't you think!? We need something fresh and satisfying. We need a muffin that makes mornings eye-opening exciting, sunny and inspiring! But the problem is that so many muffins out there can't measure up to clean-eating ideals. We need something that feels like a bit of an indulgence but does not sabotage our nutritional goals. 

One Bowl, Gluten & Sugar FREE Breakfast Cookies

March 16, 2015, written by katie

Sometimes we need something simple! Something that allows us to savor the moments of real life, the meaning of real living in most mundane of days. 

That's what I needed when I was working on this recipe. Not only was I looking for a way to spend the day with my girls rather than in recipe development, but I was searching for something simple for those mornings when the family unit is malfunctioning. (Yes, friends, we get into full-on malfunction mode from time to time...maybe you know a little something about that, too??)


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