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5 Keys to Real Fitness Success

March 4, 2016, written by katie
5 Keys to Real Fitness Succes

Like any other area of our lives, fitness goals are reached by stretching ourselves beyond what we are currently capable of. As children we didn’t improve math skills without challenging our minds and progressing to more complicated concepts. Now as adult women, we must get out of our comfort zones to become better wives, moms or servants of the Lord. Well, living fit requires the same kind of ‘self-stretching’. 

Why We Need Resistance: 7 GOOD Reasons…Ladies, Listen up!

October 8, 2014, written by katie
Walking Lunge with Weight

I’m no militant trainer or boot camp style instructor. In fact, my heart and much of my personal workout time resides mindfully on my yoga mat. Yeah, I enjoy working hard and rocking a good sweaty exercise routine! But, you won’t find me raising my voice or sending my clients to the mat for pushups when they really feel more like a push over.

What I want is to encourage you! To empower you to use that beautiful body God gave you!

My Fitness Routine: Fitting for me

February 11, 2014, written by katie
Yoga Mat

Somehow society, social trends and fitness fads have us all convinced that there’s a right and wrong way to move these beautiful bodies of ours. Marathoning, power yoga, Pilates, Barre Method, P90X and abundantly more…. I’m sure the next luring trend lurks right around the corner. Yes, it is convincing, isn’t it?

Foam Rolling Fun

January 28, 2014, written by katie
foam roller

Ugh—sore muscles, tight in spots and no time for a massage. Yep, that’s me! Sometimes I get to the end of a workout and already realize that I am feeling a little sore from something I started with. Not abnormal, right? No, not really, especially if you’re doing something new to you.

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