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Good Morning Short Yoga Series

Wake up your senses and stimulate your soul before the sun rises each day.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? It’s this ideal notion that when our alarms go off, we step out of bed with inspiration and invigoration. And, while my every morning doesn’t necessarily feel that way, I have to say that I’m almost there. I’m a morning girl…and for good reason.

I love getting out of bed when the house is still and my soul is rested. I slip on my exercise attire and sneak downstairs. I sit at my desk with some warm lemon water for just a few minutes as I peruse my day’s plan. Then, I gaze into the words of a verse or two. I let the essence of His Word work on my mind.

I sit still.

For only a moment more.

Then, even when my body wants to betray me, I remind myself of the real feeling of life I get after a good morning workout.  Along with the body nourishment and simple sense of sanity it gives me, beginning my day with this living-well routine has been a gift I give myself for quite some time now. Well, maybe it’s a gift He gives me as my girls sleep, still snuggled in their beds.

Many mornings, my movement consists of or at least includes some yoga. I’ve got a special affection for a mindfully, opening and invigorating yoga routine. To me, there’s nothing better than feeling the flow. It’s like waking up with a strengthening dance on my mat.

That’s why I decided to start sharing bits and pieces of my yoga routines. While they don’t flow on the page here in the way I do when I teach or practice on my own, you can learn these poses and truly feel the benefits of opening up your body as you open up your day.

Members…please watch your emails for yoga series in video format, totally unscripted and not all slick and professional. But, just me and you practicing yoga together! If you’d like to have access to all the member content too, click here for registration.

  • forward bend

    forward bend

  • Straight arm plank

    straight arm plank

  • cobra


  • downward facing dog

    downward facing dog

  • high lunge

    high lunge

  • downward facing dog with open hip

    downward facing dog with open hip

  • High lung with twist

    High lunge with twist

  • Triangle pose

    Triangle pose

  • Frog Squat

    Frog Squat

  • Namaste


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