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Body Weight Workout

This is a quick, easy, time sensitive little workout for when you're running short on time. 

So, put on your favorite music and give this one a whirl! Or if you're so short on time that you can't even get these exercises done all at once, dress comfortably for your busy day and keep your computer, phone or tablet open so you can do them throughout the day!

**Please note that not ALL the exercises listed on the table have a corresponding photo. If you'd like to access more details and see more photos in the workouts, please consider joining as a Happily Whole Member. Member workouts, recipes and newsletters offer greater content and more detailed guidance.**

  • Elbow Plank

    Elbow Plank

  • Walking Lunge

    Walking Lunge

  • Sitting Dips Step 1

    Sitting Dips Step 1

  • Sitting Dips Step 2

    Sitting Dips Step 2

  • Bear Crawl

    Bear Crawl

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