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Cookin' Up Some Muscle!

Ever have one of those days where your grand plans to workout get pushed aside by LIFE?  Save this workout for just those kind of days. Don't laugh! There are some really good ideas here if you can get over the silliness or self-consciousness.

Plus, this is one time I'd advise putting those womanly multi-tasking skills to use. Who knew meal-making also offered an unconventional, yet great, way to move, groove and tone up a little at the end of the day. 

So, here it goes....just when you thought you had an excuse!


  • Dishwasher squat

    Dishwasher squat

  • Cabinet Calf Raise

    Cabinet Calf Raise

  • Countertop Push_up

    Countertop Push_up

  • Countertop Push_up_2

    Countertop Push_up_2

  • Stove Lunge

    Stove Lunge

  • Pot Curl S1

    Pot Curl S1

  • Pot Curl Step 2

    Pot Curl Step 2

  • Clean Up Hip Opener

    Clean Up Hip Opener

  • Unwind


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