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Living well from the inside out


Oh, Friends, here I find myself so blessed and humbled! I return more affection to each of these lovely ladies than they share with me here. Every ounce of grace and gratitude given to me on this page promptly passes from me to my God. It's Him who enables me to do what I love each day. Only with His blessing can I hope to make a positive impact on the lives of women in thier unique journeys of living well from the inside out


Stacy, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Client

I am grateful beyond words for Katie’s help! I have never had a good diet. I always took the easy way out to feed the family (and myself) and gave the excuse that we were just too busy. We were easy dinners or fast food. I always knew we needed to make a change but my body dictated that change. I found out I had stage 1 colon cancer and I was so very lucky to have that early warning sign. I not only needed to make a change for me, but for my family so this didn’t happen to them.

Sue, Presentation host, Facebook follower, special events attendee

I give Katie two thumbs up! I've participated in Katie's yoga classes, attended her special events, hosted a Healthy Happy Hour, enjoyed many of her recipes, and follow her on facebook. I keep coming back for more! Why? Well, each time I listen to Katie's healthy tips I soak up a little more of her inspiration to live well and am able to use what I learn to become a better, healthier, happier me. Katie is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of women's health, understands the struggles we all share in taking care of ourselves while juggling life, and is extremely uplifting.

Julie, Professional Colleague, audience member for Katie’s presentations, blog and Face Book Follower

Katie is a person who was blessed with many gifts.  One of them is sharing her passion for wellness with others in a way that continually inspires.  She is authentic, transparent and radiates goodness.  She is a role model on living life with courage and grace.   She is someone who makes you feel better, simply by being in her presence.  I am so fortunate to have met Katie on my wellness journey and continue to learn from and be inspired by her.  In short, she is awesome!

Susie, Wellness Coaching Client, blog and Face Book follower

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Katie as a Wellness Coach.  It came time in my life that I had had enough.  Enough feeling self conscience about the way I look, enough of feeling unhealthy and sluggish.  I knew what I wanted the outcome to be but I wasn't sure how to accomplish my goal to live a better, more fulfilling and healthier life.  Katie coached me by helping me to recognize what I needed to fix and she gave me the tools to succeed.  Katie has an uncanny ability to empathize and identify the needs of her clients.  She knows how to challenge her clients just enough to ke

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