Happily Whole

Living well from the inside out

Susie, Wellness Coaching Client, blog and Face Book follower

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Katie as a Wellness Coach.  It came time in my life that I had had enough.  Enough feeling self conscience about the way I look, enough of feeling unhealthy and sluggish.  I knew what I wanted the outcome to be but I wasn't sure how to accomplish my goal to live a better, more fulfilling and healthier life.  Katie coached me by helping me to recognize what I needed to fix and she gave me the tools to succeed.  Katie has an uncanny ability to empathize and identify the needs of her clients.  She knows how to challenge her clients just enough to keep them on track to completing their goals.  Katie genuinely lives what she coaches.  Living a healthy, happy life and helping others achieve that, too, is her passion.  

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