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Ahhh…food. I love it, don’t you? I had to learn to love it actually. I didn’t always enjoy such a tastefully satisfying relationship with my body’s nourishment. But thankfully food now possesses a special place in my heart….body and soul!

Food, pure and natural is how I like it. I revel in real foods, whole foods, foods unadulterated by industry and toxicity. That’s what you’ll find in the recipes. REAL foods, filled with nature's nutrients, as unprocessed as possible. I adore baking, so the recipes are a bit unbalanced in favor of oven baked creations.

But there's more to food than just EATING! I hope the articles inspire you to eat mindfully, embrace the nourishment and empower you to try new things! Food truly is an adventure, so please enjoy this experience....

Real Food Recipes

A Recipe Worth a Laugh...gluten free, healthy breakfast cookies

January 26, 2017, written by katie

“Mom, why don’t you laugh very much anymore? You used to laugh so hard you said you needed to pee.”

Okay, okay it’s true. I’ve been known to let laughter buckle my knees….and sometimes send me to the lady’s room. But seriously, listening to the sound of those words about my laughter (or lack of lately) makes me want to cry a little. The truth in her nine-year-old reminiscent, out-of-the-blue statement crushes my heart to know it’s noticeable.

An Easy Purple Cabbage Meal & a Simple Gift of Instant Gratification

October 19, 2016, written by katie


Sometimes the very simplest things offer the most satisfying rewards. I believe God does this as a gift to boost the busy mom, revive a hardworking wife, energize the overwhelmed career woman or urge on anyone seeking satisfaction without ALWAYS working so hard! He wraps up an abundant blessing, a gift of gratitude expressed or the much needed encouragement in a simple little box to serve as ammunition to stay in the fight.

Sweet and Simple: living well and a creamy treat

October 12, 2016, written by katie

Why does simplicity seem impossible? Overflowing schedules, complicated relationships, raising kids in our corrupt culture and trying to juggle too many tasks at one time. All things I struggle with! Anyone else maneuvering through to do lists with items still lingering undone at the end of each day? Somehow it feels like the list lengthens as days shorten.

Eating Well Articles

Back to the Basics: Real Food Defined

January 20, 2016, written by katie
Real Food Defined

What is ‘real food’ anyways? It seems like an arbitrary term that has been swept up by the internet food industry. Real food is anything we eat, right? And it’s safe to assume what we purchase as food is real, right? Seems logical and, well, ethical. But…


My Mealtime Adjustments...Efficiency for Eating Well

January 8, 2016, written by katie
Savor the Sweetness of Efficiency

I owe you an explanation. First, my gulity conscience needs to address my blogging abscence. And second, during my time away I've made some adjustments in Happily Whole’s meal philosophy, for which I simply must share! 

I never thought that I’d value efficiency in the kitchen as much as I do now! I far prefer puttering around on Pinterst for inspiration, recreating each concoction until I establish the best balance between deliciousness and nutritious-ness and basking in my secret satisfaction in multi-step recipes.

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Some Clean Snacks & Reading Ingredients

May 13, 2015, written by katie
Clean Eating Snacks

As we continue on with our 30 Day Challenge, I want to add to your tool box steadily but without overwhelming you. There's so much to say and so little time! SO, bear with me and take one step at a time. Remember, this is YOUR 30 days. There's no benefit in perfection. Instead, look at this as a process. And, as with any process, you'll have some struggles and some successes along the way. I've even shared with you some of my self-sabotaging tendencies!

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