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A Recipe Worth a Laugh...gluten free, healthy breakfast cookies

January 26, 2017, written by katie

“Mom, why don’t you laugh very much anymore? You used to laugh so hard you said you needed to pee.”

Okay, okay it’s true. I’ve been known to let laughter buckle my knees….and sometimes send me to the lady’s room. But seriously, listening to the sound of those words about my laughter (or lack of lately) makes me want to cry a little. The truth in her nine-year-old reminiscent, out-of-the-blue statement crushes my heart to know it’s noticeable.

Better Blended. And an energizing, detox smoothie

September 13, 2016, written by katie

Each one of us is a living, walking conglomeration of emotions, stresses, strengths, trials and talents. Combining all our characteristics in one breathing body, beating with a free-willed mind constantly clashing between feelings and logic seems a bit risky if you ask me. Then add to the equation all that occurs out of our control to and around us. A circuit could short at any time! We might implode!

…deep breath…

Pumpkin Pancakes/Waffles~and a Recipe for Redemption

October 6, 2015, written by katie

Last night after doing a devotion with my sweet husband, we started a conversation about stress. You know, the kind of stress you can’t quite put your finger on yet you also aren’t able to overcome. For me, I gain awareness of this inconspicuous stress as my shoulders subconsciously tighten and my voice inadvertently heightens. My sleep ever-so-slightly loses its restfulness, my patience snaps under less pressure and that nagging knot behind my shoulder blade sends subtle yet self-sabotaging messages straight into my soul.

Grain-Free Strawberry Mango Muffins

May 11, 2015, written by katie

Spring needs a champion muffin, don't you think!? We need something fresh and satisfying. We need a muffin that makes mornings eye-opening exciting, sunny and inspiring! But the problem is that so many muffins out there can't measure up to clean-eating ideals. We need something that feels like a bit of an indulgence but does not sabotage our nutritional goals. 

Homemade, Whole Grain Sandwich Rounds

March 31, 2015, written by katie

I’m not settling! I’ve been trying to achieve an English muffin for months! You know, the kind of deliciousness you slice open and those nooks and crannies soak up all your nut butter. The toasted crumbles give your bite a crunch before your teeth sink into the soft middle. English muffins are an absolute necessity in my morning.

One Bowl, Gluten & Sugar FREE Breakfast Cookies

March 16, 2015, written by katie

Sometimes we need something simple! Something that allows us to savor the moments of real life, the meaning of real living in most mundane of days. 

That's what I needed when I was working on this recipe. Not only was I looking for a way to spend the day with my girls rather than in recipe development, but I was searching for something simple for those mornings when the family unit is malfunctioning. (Yes, friends, we get into full-on malfunction mode from time to time...maybe you know a little something about that, too??)

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Pumpkin Donuts (Grain-Free) with Dark Chocolate Glaze

January 22, 2015, written by katie

Most of us want to eat healthy…..right? (I assume if you’ve made your way here as a Member of Happily Whole, you do!)

But wanting something and DOING something are quite different things, aren’t they? I WANT to organize my office differently. I’ve been wanting that for what seems like two years! I WANT to repaint and decorate that small room upstairs and make it into a simply inspirational writing and devotion space for me.


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