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Gluten Free, Quinoa Breakfast Bars

May 30, 2014, written by katie

I know, I know, I'm always touting the benefits of a peaceful pace and a slower style of living. But, I'll be the first to admit that I need my advice as much as anyone! Sometimes we simply cannot escape the day to day, busy list of to dos and places to be on time. I often feel like I'm tumbling from one thing to the next and if it wasn't for my iPhone calendar chiming at me I might forget my own head! 

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Carrot Cake Steel Cut, Overnight Oats

April 7, 2014, written by katie

I’ve always considered things like soup, oatmeal and hot tea wintry traditions. There’s just something about warming our bellies that comforts the soul. But now as springtime approaches and warm weather encroaches upon my chilly morning routine, I find myself craving the same comforts.  

Sometimes we just don’t want to let go, do we? We resist surrendering what seems so comforting simply for the familiarity it offers. Oh, how this truth applies to my humble little human mind far beyond the comforting food routine I find myself in!

Weekend Whole Wheat Almond Waffles

March 6, 2014, written by katie

Simple and satisfying. Is there really much more to want than that? SIMPLE. SATISFYING. I’d like to swallow those words, digest them and let them sink from my cells right into my soul!

That’s how it is when I’m alone writing. It’s simple. No noise. Time ticks away without my awareness. While I make no claims of talent or even treasure in the words I write, I simply say it all without worry or want. To me, writing time simplifies my life!  

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

January 30, 2014, written by katie

I'm a bread girl. I know, I know we don't live in the age where a bounty of bread brings to mind better health....necessarily. But, if you ask me, the issue of bread is solved very simply. Satisfyingly small portions, simply nourishing ingredients and soul savoring flavors.

What could be wrong with that?

Cranberry Millet Muffins

January 17, 2014, written by katie

A muffin can really make my day, ya know. I am a coffee, tea and bread kind of girl. And when the bread offers a little something special, like muffins do, you have a happy camper here! That's why my freezer is so often overflowing with frozen baked goods.We can't eat them fast enough so we keep 'em stocked and fresh until we are ready to thaw and eat. I make and make for my little family until they fall out when we open the freezer door. I love baking and eating the stuff, what can I say!?


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