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Perhaps this goes unsaid, but anything I say or claim on this site is purely the results of my own personal and professional experiences. From products to links to suggestions and opinions…that’s all they are, my preferences and opinions.

I only share resources and services I have personal experience with and can recommend without reservation. I only share recipes I have personally made and eaten and recommend workouts that I would do! 

I occasionally make recommendations on this blog, which sometimes include links to helpful resources. What I recommend is simply based on my experience and without any compensation. No advertiser will ever influence the content on this blog. 

Medical Disclaimer

I am a licensed Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer with ample education in exercise physiology and health psychology.  But I’m only a REAL expert at MY LIFE. Since I’m not working with you individually, if you have concerns about any information on this site as it relates to your personal needs, you need to talk to your health care provider with those questions or concerns. While I do my diligence at remaining up-to-date on my education and the fields of interest posted on this blog, no statements made here are intended as medical advice, nor are they intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Please, my Friends, use your common sense and intuition when making health and wellness choices for you and your family.

Membership Intention 

Anyone purchasing a membership to Happily Whole’s more extensive collection of recipes, workouts and other materials is truly supporting the efforts of Happily Whole to continue and grow as an online community of women living well. It is truly my passion and, over time, as Happily Whole grows the full intention is not only to fund the site’s continuance but also to give back to other ministries and causes close to the heartbeat of this site. Your membership is truly valued and appreciated. 

Intellectual Property and Copyright Disclaimer

All recipes, workouts and articles posted on this blog are property of Happily Whole. Recipes are either original recipes or modified from other recipes. Proper credit is given to the original author if a recipe was inspired elsewhere. All recipes and workouts and photography, unless credited otherwise, are the Intellectual Property of Happily Whole and its parent company, MissFIT Complete, Inc. 

I’d love nothing more than for you to share something you found here with others! Please simply be fair and respect the use of information found here. They must be properly credited if used on any other webpage. They are intended for personal use only and are not for resale. If you have any questions, just ask! It’s an open-door policy around these parts! 


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