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Kevin’s Corner

The Fresh Imperfection of Motherhood

May 9, 2014, written by katie
Sugarpop Mother's Day Photo

It feels free and fresh! It’s liberating and youth-reviving. Each year when I’m first able to open the windows, air out the winter-worn house and hear the spring breeze blowing through my screens, I smell that certain fresh air scent and it sinks right into my soul, soothing it. I hear the birds singing their ‘how are you’s?’ alongside lawnmowers manicuring neighbor’s lawns and I long for this feeling to last.

Reliving the Last Days

March 3, 2014, written by katie
We chose a canoe to display at the funeral to honor Kevin's life.

I’m in the midst of the season when I relive the last moments of a life I no longer live, one that offered me the greatest grief yet the most unconditional earthly love I’ve ever known. A life with a man who I loyally loved and cherished and who passionately loved me back, even to a fault.  This past life of mine continues to bless me beyond measure. But now, during this season in early March, details of the last days weigh heavy in my heart.

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