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Delightful Dinners

Take it to the Table: Grain-Free Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Grassfed Beef.

November 3, 2016, written by katie

Eating in season makes a whole lot of sense! Especially for me since I love sweet potatoes, apples and squash. However, let’s take a step back to see where this all started…read this first then come back over to create recipe with the purpose to cross barriers: What if Grace and Gratitude Were Always in Season?

An Easy Purple Cabbage Meal & a Simple Gift of Instant Gratification

October 19, 2016, written by katie


Sometimes the very simplest things offer the most satisfying rewards. I believe God does this as a gift to boost the busy mom, revive a hardworking wife, energize the overwhelmed career woman or urge on anyone seeking satisfaction without ALWAYS working so hard! He wraps up an abundant blessing, a gift of gratitude expressed or the much needed encouragement in a simple little box to serve as ammunition to stay in the fight.

Outside Our Comfort Zone...and a clean comfort food recipe to offer respite!

October 5, 2016, written by katie

Sometimes getting out of our comfort zones is really what we need. Because walking outside the periphery of a consistent, cushioned life allows God to carve us out, carry us and create something new out of what’s become stagnant in our existence. Even when things haven’t felt so cushioned, Christ might just be calling us to stand straight up and step out in faith.

What feels abnormal and seems to stretch us beyond what we can bear is the very thing the Lord might be calling us to lean into!

Blessed by Rice-n-Beans

September 14, 2016, written by katie

Tell me if this sounds familiar: In the midst of doing house work, driving along with a wandering mind, walking on the treadmill, listening to a song or reading something that inspires, you come up with a wonderfully creative idea to teach a life lesson to those you lead in your home.

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Speedy Stovetop Unstuffed Peppers

September 30, 2015, written by katie

I may SEEM all tidy and put-together, organized and on top of it all. But let me tell you a little secret.... I am NOT! I do have some systems that work for me, but the truth is that I tango with time all day long as I watch the clock, constantly recalculating when I need to drive to my next destination and how I’ll squeeze meal-making, exercise and, yes, blogging into my day. Oh, and did I mention my just-shy-of-obsessive-compulsive need for a clean, tidy home? (Yeah, gaining four to my family is putting that into a little better perspective!)

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Pasta with Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce, Vegan

March 23, 2015, written by katie

There are some things we simply don’t often consume in the Oldham home. Of course, I give my best crack at making over unhealthy recipes and concocting my own clean-eating versions. Sometimes, though, it’s just not the same as the real thing. So instead of pressing the issue of, let’s say, my girls’ favorite kind of cupcakes with my homemade maple buttercream, we simply savor the real thing only once in a while.

Mushroom Quinoa Soup

January 30, 2015, written by katie

They are those odd little, ugly things. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so often get snubbed for their taste or texture. Drably colored and dirty from their earthy upbringing, they don’t attract the eye or appeal to the senses. It seems as if people either love or hate them…perhaps hate being the more common sentiment.


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