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Midday Meals: Soups, Salads & Sides

An Easy Purple Cabbage Meal & a Simple Gift of Instant Gratification

October 19, 2016, written by katie


Sometimes the very simplest things offer the most satisfying rewards. I believe God does this as a gift to boost the busy mom, revive a hardworking wife, energize the overwhelmed career woman or urge on anyone seeking satisfaction without ALWAYS working so hard! He wraps up an abundant blessing, a gift of gratitude expressed or the much needed encouragement in a simple little box to serve as ammunition to stay in the fight.

Blessed by Rice-n-Beans

September 14, 2016, written by katie

Tell me if this sounds familiar: In the midst of doing house work, driving along with a wandering mind, walking on the treadmill, listening to a song or reading something that inspires, you come up with a wonderfully creative idea to teach a life lesson to those you lead in your home.

Garlic n Ghee Roasted Veggies

March 10, 2016, written by katie

I'm pretty sure this ranks with the simplest side dishes of all times. Garlic-n-Ghee Roasted Carrots and Asparagus.

Knowing it’s packed with loads of Beta Carotene, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate and Manganese, Copper, Selenium, dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Potassium makes it all the better. That's quite a list of nutrients, isn't it? And if you choose to get adventurous by including other colors, the variety of phytochemicals of will increase exponentially.

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Home Baked Herb Bread with Einkorn Flour

February 26, 2016, written by katie

This recipe is simple, back-to-the basics and old-fashioned for those of us the love the aroma of baked bread and the feel of traditional values. 

You make it with few ingredients but lots of love! The ancient form of wheat flour used, Einkorn Flour, makes this yeast loaf easier to digest and lower in gluten than any other kind of wheat sandwich bread. 

Einkorn Wheat is the only kind of wheat crop that has remained the same in quality and nutrition since ancient times. It's unadulterated genetics lends itself to a pure, flavorful and nourishing slice of bread. 

Simple Roasted Root Soup...and nourishing their roots through you

February 15, 2016, written by katie

As I was chopping the vegetables for this soup, I had some time to think. Quiet kitchens, peeling and chopping are good for that, you know! I wish I could schedule a date with my quiet kitchen every day. At times, that's when my mind loosens the reigns, runs a little wild and creativity pushes its limits. Then on other occasions, my peaceful cooking place reminds me to linger in time where my heart longs to listen to the Lord. 

Homemade, Whole Grain Sandwich Rounds

March 31, 2015, written by katie

I’m not settling! I’ve been trying to achieve an English muffin for months! You know, the kind of deliciousness you slice open and those nooks and crannies soak up all your nut butter. The toasted crumbles give your bite a crunch before your teeth sink into the soft middle. English muffins are an absolute necessity in my morning.

Mushroom Quinoa Soup

January 30, 2015, written by katie

They are those odd little, ugly things. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so often get snubbed for their taste or texture. Drably colored and dirty from their earthy upbringing, they don’t attract the eye or appeal to the senses. It seems as if people either love or hate them…perhaps hate being the more common sentiment.


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