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Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

December 10, 2014, written by katie

Sometimes we simply need to lighten up, don't we! Why do we stuff ourselves with food just because we see it, just because it's sitting there? 

Why do we stuff ourselves with activities, to dos, expectations and an ungodly amount of tasks to accomplish?

Then, when we can't meet the standards we've already set too high, why do we stuff ourselves with guilt and remorse as the final course? 

You see, we do not have a God urging us to produce. Our God doesn't desire our perfectionism. In fact, isn't perfectionism just another form of failure waiting to happen? 

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas

November 10, 2014, written by katie


The complete package. That’s really what we’re all looking for right? Whether it’s the right kind of car, computer or companion, we want it all wrapped up in one package! Special features to top off the necessities and perhaps even some luxuries to bolster the basic model.

We always want one step more, we expect just a little bit better or think that one more enhancement will improve our experience.

It’s human nature, right?

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Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash

September 24, 2014, written by katie

This one’s just for you, Happily Whole Members!


Because I think it’s a super special treat and it’s for those of you willing to go above and beyond a little bit. It’s easy enough to make but requires a desire to make mealtime special. It calls for a little love and perhaps even an artistic flair.

You see, even when it’s kept simple, food in an intriguing container appeals to the senses. So, stuffing a pretty little fall squash with a colorful, delicious flavor combination means tasteful temptation in the eye of the beholder.

Butternut Squash Soup

September 20, 2014, written by katie

What do you reach for when something comforting calls your name?

If you’re like me, once in a while, the call is answered by something impulsive and, well, afterwards quite aggravating. As a food lover, the wrong foods often filled the spot where something more inspiring should have sat. But for you, perhaps it’s not a palate pleasing, oral fix you seek to feed your need for comfort.

Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Chick Pea Patties with Avocado Dip

September 1, 2014, written by katie

Have I mentioned how I ‘oh so adore’ autumn? Sure, every season has complications and warrants complaints but the things of this season simply speak to me in a crisp, clear voice, ‘settle in, sister….sink into the season of snuggles and comfort.’

 So much, in fact, that I must make moderation and self-control my skill to practice! You know what I mean, right? When something’s calling your name…its scent tickles your senses and its qualities quicken your heart….and you want more.

Yeah. Autumn once again carries callings requiring some self-restraint.

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Spring Pea, Tofu Stir Fry with Soba Noodles

June 18, 2014, written by katie

"Apparently when you grow up you don't lose your imagination." said my oldest daughter as she scooped another forkful of this fresh blend of flavors and intriguing combination of textures. Each of the spices combine distinctly enough to show you they're there but working quite well together. The crunch of the sugar snap peas, the solid yet soft tofu and slightly chewy soba noodles surprise your palate pleasingly!

Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Cilantro

June 5, 2014, written by katie

Things are just not always as they seem, are they? We want to look all put-together (at least once in a while!), we try to hide the imperfections in our attitudes and we keep any signs of self-consciousness behind closed doors. And our pasts, let’s just say we can leave those behind us, right!?

It’s understandable, really. Why would we want to divulge what others might judge us for before they’ve fallen in love with us first? So, we put our best faces forward and hope any ugliness is only revealed after it’s already forgiven.

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Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Blend

February 10, 2014, written by katie

I want to be real with you when I write and share about food. I'm not one of those 'eat to live' kinda gals. Sure there are some things I consume primarly because they provide outstanding nutrition to my cells. But, even those things over time (aka: my morning green smoothie) grow on me to the point that I crave them if I'm forced to go without. Most foods I eat because I LIKE THEM....a lot. I enjoy certain textures, tastes and flavor combinations.

Quinoa Tabouli

February 10, 2014, written by katie

A little different spin on the ‘same old’ is all we need sometimes to freshen the perspective. Routine gets old, laundry lacks its luster and let’s not even talk about weeknight evening ratrace to get it all done only to hit the pillow hard. Then, it all starts over the next day.

Well, recently, I was feeling the weight of routine. My spirits low and my ability to stir up enthusiasm for the little things waned. I’m certain my girls sensed the restlessness in my complacent attitude as it approached anxious by dusk each day.

Wild Rice, Quinoa Cherry Salad

February 8, 2014, written by katie

Anyone out there possess an adventure seeking palate? I do, I do! I also have one living in my house, my six year old daughter! She loves anything with strong flavors, complex combinations or bold tastes. She welcomes very sharp cheeses, strong sauerkraut, roasted seaweed, sautéed garlic and onion on about anything and mouthfuls of pesto-drenched salmon.


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