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Stacy, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Client

I am grateful beyond words for Katie’s help! I have never had a good diet. I always took the easy way out to feed the family (and myself) and gave the excuse that we were just too busy. We were easy dinners or fast food. I always knew we needed to make a change but my body dictated that change. I found out I had stage 1 colon cancer and I was so very lucky to have that early warning sign. I not only needed to make a change for me, but for my family so this didn’t happen to them. I met with Katie and she was able to help me realize that we can be a busy family on the go and still have a very healthy and natural way of eating. She has been able to meet all of our health needs in one fell swoop! She has cancer fighting foods for me, foods to help my husband’s high cholesterol, and foods for my two very active sons that they love and don’t even realize they are eating healthier (14 and 11 so they eat a lot and all the time!). We have noticed an instant change. We all have more energy and feel better. Cold season has kicked in and so far we have been able to fight it off. Plus, these are changes she has helped us make after only ONE session!!!! She is helping me change a little at a time so we don’t become to overwhelmed in our changes and don’t give up. She is keeping us motivated, but really she has made it so easy that it is coming naturally. I wish I would have done this earlier and I am looking forward to continuing with her until our transition to a healthy family is complete!

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