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March 23, 2016, written by katie
Draft Each Day to Build Holiness into Your Habits


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Each day is a gift.

TODAY is a gift.

Wherever you’re sitting, whatever your soul’s searching for and whatever your mind restlessly roams around in search of, you’ve gotta simply stop to savor this moment right now when you realize how this very day is a gift prepared to give you a little bit of bliss all wrapped up like a quick little kiss.

Strange how we so often miss the simplest moments, the beautiful in the mundane, the blessed missed kiss wrapped up as one of today’s many gifts. You see, you’re living blessed with breath and bursting with beauty waiting to escape your body starting at the seat of your soul through the effort of your uniquely called hands.

But we all get lost just trying to unwrap the gift crumpled and all balled up stuffed into the crevices of a blessed day. We wait for the bigger blessing. We sit sterile hoping for more, focusing on the possibility of a different kind of kiss, a bigger kind of bliss.

Finally when we’ve waited a little too long, the moments start feeling like nail polish flaking off fingernails in dire need of attention. We’ve let too many days go by without even noticing the boxes piling up, stuffed with blessings in each breath! We feel restless in the waiting, minds etched with worry we’re living without purpose. We begin to flail and fail out of frustration….forgetting His reflection has been wrapped up in the moments, staring back at us all along.

So stop for a moment. Look into the mirror and see His reflection waiting on you. God’s right there with you right now…right where you’re sitting, a Savior’s waiting for your soul to search for Him! Because when you find God in your mind’s restless roaming and you start unwrapping His gifts in the simple mundane, each moment becomes an experience of gratitude.

And gratitude is what makes any past a grace, it makes right here holy and tomorrow a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

You start to see it! You learn to live each moment as a prayer whispering into His ear. Then you see how solving every mundane problem with a prayer actually solves a thousand problems in a moment. You start sensing His peace and begin unwrapping each bit of bliss and experiencing life’s quick little kisses.

Yeah. TODAY is a gift.

But then how do we accomplish this constant sense of calm in our souls, knowing our Savior sits right here with us? How can we live in the glory of God’s presence yet plan ahead with for a week’s purpose?

Here’s what I think (as if my thoughts are anything more than me preaching to myself, urging myself to solve my little problems with prayer….):

I think every day is formed with His holy hand and we can create habits that allow ourselves to be woven right into each day He crafts. And when we create those habits of hope, the real awesome kind of life-giving hope, our souls rest and our minds soar.

We live with a fearless focus and plan purpose into our days. We live out the priorities He’s weaving into our fabric through threads of faith. Then those moments when you feel like you’re flaking away, unkempt and uncalled, transform into pre-planned moments of purpose. And there’s no better purpose than the one placed into a package all wrapped up as a gift from God.

Draft Each Day for Healthy, Holy Habits


So, let’s plan our days with purpose. Let’s train our mind and eyes to see a Savior and seek His callings crafted into each bustling day and the mundane moments in between. We can only do it by building habits, habits we wear fearlessly and unfailingly. Habits we construct with intention and awareness, with clarity and conviction to live well from the inside out.

And He really wants the WHOLE YOU, not just parts and pieces of you, to turn to Him through your daily doings. That’s why I think we need to create some structure for living well His way instead of getting all caught up in the current of the world. Injecting Him into all you do in a day in an intentional way makes healthy habits even healthier…it makes even the simplest things you do holier.

And, ladies, making healthy habits into holy habits can turn your world upside down in the most amazing way! That’s precisely when your everyday living exists with purpose to glorify the God who’s constantly giving you gifts.

You’ll feel His holiness pulsing in your heart and throbbing through your hands as you structure your day’s doings and your mind’s motivation with eternal intention.

So plan with me…write with me…build healthy habits to glorify Him!

Here’s a tool I’ve put together for you to draft each day to infuse holiness into your habits. Maybe you’ll use it for your soul-scribbles, your nourishment notes and even your domestic duties for the day. Me? I’m printing out five for the week and filling them out so that even my most mundane duties are accomplished in His presence.

Try it with me? PDF iconDaily Planner Page.pdf

Draft Each Day for Healthy, Holy Habits


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