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30 Day Spring Self-Cleaning Challenge

May 1, 2015, written by katie
30 day spring self-cleaning challenge

Have you trusted God enough to give Him ALL of you? Yes, that even means your struggles with wellness, eating or exercising! So often we withhold those issues from Who created us. We go to Him for everything else but when it comes to wellness, we try to manage it all alone. Maybe that’s why so many of us get stuck in a vicious cycle—because we fail to surrender when we’re not strong enough!

That’s why I’m suggesting we do a little spring-self-cleaning. It’ll be a 30 day challenge to approach your eating and exercising differently—from a perspective of surrender. Along with your tutorial videos, clean eating food lists, meal and snack options I give you, we'll look to Him for support when temptation taunts you and keep God in the center instead making food or wellness your only focus. You will rest in encouragement and wisdom from the Word, leaning on Him when you're weak and giving even this part of your life to The Lord. This purpose starts with prayer!

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  • PLUS, I will start you off with an advanced option if you really want to cleanse your body.
  • NO special pills or supplements. You only need your body, a grocery store and a spirit ready to surrender.

Time to give this living well thing to God—and we’re starting with a spring cleaning challenge!

Here’s some more scoop on how this 30 Day Spring-Self-Cleansing Challenge all came about:

It’s ME! I'm in need of some spring cleaning….and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one….right??

While my house certainly needs some special attention, I'm talking more about my mind, body and soul. It's always about this time of year when I feel like I'm running a marathon, just trying to muster up the adrenaline to cross some proverbial finish line that doesn't really exist. And this year I’m wrestling with a few more complications so my personal wellness is suffering, mostly in the areas of getting enough rest and managing stress (which is directly related to my eating habits!)

So, instead of sulking or spinning myself a web of self-defeat, I've decided to approach the rest of spring with a sense of self-cleansing. I’m laying my struggle down at the Cross instead of continuing to cave in to temptations. And, if I’m struggling, I’m certain some of you are too. It’s not only me dealing with stress and struggles, after all!

So, I'd love to take you with me on this 30 day journey! And after the 30 days, you’ll continue to receive all the Happily Whole Member benefits to maintain the changes that fit your lifestyle and goals.

This is a Member Benefit, so get on board for this 30 Day Spring Self-Cleansing Challenge

Starting Monday, May 11, we will practice eating clean, approach food more mindfully and challenge our bodies to move more--and differently. (In other words, I want you to be inspired BY exercise!)

We will, as always, include some soul-cleansing. That's just the first thing that'll make our approach different from the rest. Because, let's be honest: We can't really make a life change without first surrendering our souls to the Savior (yes, even in the area of self-care). When we only rely on ourselves, it's like white knuckling the wheel. We have to give this over to God so we can learn to lean on Him, and not fleeting things of this world, when we're challenged. So be ready to take care of your temple with Him as your stronghold.

Once we have our minds right and in the Word (the only unwavering kind of encouragement), we will tackle clean eating and a self-guided (inspiring) approach to exercise.

You will receive lists of what to eat to nourish your body in a way that maybe you have not ever done before. You'll receive some video tutorials, short suggested exercise videos and super helpful living well tips for the upcoming summer season.

SIGN UP for the Happily Whole Membership NOW so that you receive your shopping lists in time to prepare.

Unlike other clean-eating challenges, we will rely on God's grace and not worldly wisdom to succeed. And, while we will implement some challenges during the 30 days, I will also provide more moderate options for those of you who prefer starting off more slowly.

We are all starting the journey at our own level and we all have unique weaknesses to surrender. Believe me, I am with you! But we ALL have some spring cleaning to do...so, get ready to get started!


spring clean eating challenge


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