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A Happily Whole Body

February 11, 2014, written by katie

A Happily Whole Body….

You won't find calorie counts, lists of forbidden foods or even pre-designed meal plans. Instead prepare to be encouraged to eat intuitively and embrace a peacefulness with real food that nurtures your body and your mind.

You won't find frenzied fitness programs, no-pain-no-gain drill sergeant strategies or fight-your-way-to-fit ideals. I never boast of a tight tummy or boosting your bottom as reason for your workouts.....although aesthetics might ice your real-foods-cake when you live an active life! Instead, prepare to tune into your body’s needs as you learn to move healthfully, functionally and discover your strength—inside and out!

If you operate under the assumption that monitoring food and movement is for ONLY aesthetics, you’ll feel those philosophies challenged here. This is for those ready to make healthy living mean more in your life; for those of you wanting off the gerbil wheel where you chase calories consumed with calories burned; for those of you open to letting social standards go in order to adopt your own set of expectations.  

Now’s the time to embrace your body wherever it is today. Use food to flavor your life and nourish your body. Exercise to move your mood as much as your muscles.

Too many of us adhere to culturally concocted, misleading messages about following food ‘rules’ and exercising for aesthetics. I, my friends, beg to differ.  I used to buy in to those stifling social standards! But I dared to desire more. I knew my passion for palate pleasing nourishment and my innate inspiration to exercise had to break free from the cages of calorie counting. It was all too exhausting!

Let’s release ourselves from the RULES dictating our wellness desires to encounter a sense of refreshing relief. It's freeing! After all, isn't it counterintuitive to allow self- CARE to hold us captive? We've somehow 'cared' ourselves right into captivity. Food is God’s gift from nature to nurture our bodies. Exercise is not an experiment but simply essential to the beautiful bodies He blessed us with!

Me? Not overnight, but I’ve learned to love FOOD—tasting it, looking at it, buying it (too much of it!) and eating it. Real, nutritious food offers comfort, nourishment and empowerment when we eat it intuitively. And fitness, well, that feels almost indulgent! Our bodies were made to move and, for me, it's so much about mental health. It's a preciously protected piece of my day when everything else falls away, freeing me momentarily from awaiting to do lists, objectives and responsibilities. 

Yeah, I’ll give you tangible tips for food and fitness. I’ll provide you with some workouts and real-food, natural recipes. But START by embracing food for the nourishment it really is. Find your flow in a type of fitness that suits who you are today. Strip away the layers of lies you have learned over time and give yourself permission to use food and fitness pleasingly.

The results—refreshingly rewarding! I promise.



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