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Setbacks & Soul Care

November 30, 2014, written by katie


What if you started thinking about self-care as soul-care first?

What if you decided that leaning into God’s help and healing gives you better support than the Band-Aid solutions given by a world or your own resolve?

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Member's Session 2: Set Yourself up for Mind, Body and Soul Success

November 11, 2014, written by katie

Creating a physical and emotional environment conducive for success is absolutely necessary for reaching it. I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am today if I stocked my pantry with processed foods, didn’t schedule my devotion time and exercise into my week or if I didn't get enough sleep (well...that may be where I'm lacking a little!).

Preparation is a MUST when it comes to living well.

Get Through the Season Unscathed: NOW’s the time to prepare and here’s how….

October 27, 2014, written by katie
Proverbs Printable...you are already beautiful

The real key to living well is not in the program you pick or the fad you follow. It doesn't jive with social standards or culturally concocted norms....

Your living well starts, pure and natural, at the seat of your soul. Because that’s where the most beautiful version of YOU already resides. You already embody the strength, beauty and dignity required to succeed...so start laughing in the face of failure because it's only of this world. What am I really getting at?.....

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Session 1: Prepare Your Mind for Change

October 15, 2014, written by katie

Living well starts on the inside, inside your mind and your soul. I promise, it does! But how can I convince you of it?

Perhaps you’ve tried plenty of programs, approaches, quick-fixes, diets or fads and you keep on failing. Maybe you are hard pressed to find purpose in your chosen plan and so, after a few weeks, what you’re doing doesn’t stick. Or, I suppose you might KNOW it but you don’t let the ‘inside-out’ truth saturate your mindset enough to act on it long term.

This Blogger's Hopping!

August 4, 2014, written by katie
You are already beautiful in your soul..stop looking in the mirror for your worth

As a ‘baby blogger’, everything feels a little foreign in this online world of writers. I long to listen to everyone who’s gone before me, sitting quietly like a fly on their backend online office wall. It’s intimidating out here (or in here….) on the web!

I just want to fit in….but then again I don’t. Actually, I want to do things MY way!  Always have.

My Little Miami Mess

May 19, 2014, written by katie
Miami Hotel at Blogher Food Conference

Have you ever self-inflicted an emotional mess by calling your own credibility into question? Maybe you’ve wondered what business you have doing what just a moment ago felt like such a good fit?

For me, sometimes that’s mothering or minding the matters of my home.

From Struggle to Strawberry Salad

March 23, 2014, written by katie
Strawberry Beet Salad with Homemade Balsamic

Right in the midst of life's messes, when nothing goes my way, I have a choice. I can sit and sip on my own personal cup of self-pity. Or, I can look for the lesson.

As in so many of my life lessons I share here on Happily Whole, I recently saw my food failures as a metaphor for this very morsel of meaning... The lesson a recent recipe pointed out to me is so poignant , I wanted to share it here, too, for everyone to read. The recipe is a Member's recipe...but here's how it all started: 

A Happily Whole Body

February 11, 2014, written by katie

A Happily Whole Body….

You won't find calorie counts, lists of forbidden foods or even pre-designed meal plans. Instead prepare to be encouraged to eat intuitively and embrace a peacefulness with real food that nurtures your body and your mind.

A Happily Whole Mind

February 11, 2014, written by katie

Mind matters. Period. More specifically, mindfulness matters.

My in-a-nutshell meaning of mindfulness: ‘an awareness of the present moment without judgment or self-evaluation’. It’s developing the ability to bask in consciousness of this very time and space. It’s YOU right here, right now regardless of circumstance and situation.

A Happily Whole Spirit

February 11, 2014, written by katie

A Happily Whole SPIRIT

Dare I define a happily whole spirit!? I think not. I only wish to ponder this and then allow you to craft your own soul’s sanctity with your Creator. Whether anything I say here rings relevance into your ears, I invite you to think deep about how ‘happily whole’ truly does start in your soul…….


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