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February 11, 2014, written by katie

Mind matters. Period. More specifically, mindfulness matters.

My in-a-nutshell meaning of mindfulness: ‘an awareness of the present moment without judgment or self-evaluation’. It’s developing the ability to bask in consciousness of this very time and space. It’s YOU right here, right now regardless of circumstance and situation.

But for me it goes beyond that moment because attentiveness to the moment, once achieved, allows our reactions to flow more freely from a place of thoughtful purpose. If we observe, without evaluation, the emotion or the moment we can choose more freely based on our authentic needs. That means mindfulness allows us to be more of who we are supposed to be because we’re not stifled by daily hustle or hurtful judgment. That, Friends, is fantastic! 

Mindfulness ultimately allows us to close the gap, to connect the disconnect, between our deepest intentions and our daily behaviors. That's authenticity in action!

But wait, let’s take this attentiveness, this awareness, a step ahead. It’s most meaningful when we look to the Lord in that moment of intention to assure our authenticity is pure and purposeful in His plan. If God created us then, He still calls us today. So, this idea of intention can also keep us in tune with the calling to His creation…with His calling to us.

Mindfulness in it's truest sense, for me, means taking momentary awareness one step further. It's tuning in to God's call on my life in even on the most minute moments. 

So much of my life I spent in self-evaluation, habitually judging and looking ahead longing for another opportunity. All that judgement and awaiting the next, better chance held me back from mindful living. I lost, or never knew, my true intention or what 'authentic' really meant to me! Ultimately it held me back from hearing His call!

I self-judged and sought what was ahead rather than right now. Had I worked hard enough that day? Were enough items crossed off the list? Did I say the exact right thing to that friend, did I make just the right meal, spend enough on that gift or follow protocol perfectly?

Well, you see, God made no one perfect and He does not define success by productivity. I only fell short of MY OWN manmade expectations. I bore my own guilt and obsessed about being better the next day or time…for what? Nothing. For nothing because I wasn’t serving Him.  I was on a self-built, perfectionistic pedestal expecting productivity rather than purpose (OUCH!). THAT’s mindLESSness. That’s the epitome of unproductive.

What self-judgments do you struggle with? How does your mindlessness play out in your life? What…or WHO…are you serving in your mind’s expectations?

We each have our own, unique strategies to keep us from success. Strange, isn’t it? But, if we stay present in our lives (at least sometimes) and if we remain close to His plan and listen for His call, life turns around! Even if we continue doing the same things—it feels different, more mindful, filled with more meaning.

You won’t be perfect at mindful living! I certainly am not. But it's my aim, if even a couple times a day I 'tune in'. And the truth is, it gives my brain a break. Since we can only truly attend to one thing at a time looking ahead, expecting too much and all of our multi-tasking makes for a living-well-disaster.

The benefit, the blessing is right here…NOW. Not in the next moment.

Loosen your grip on the reigns of wellness that have you charging ahead of yourself. Give yourself permission to change unproductive perspectives and peer into His plan for your life…no, perhaps just for this moment. Live mindfully and listen just a little more. 



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