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Get Through the Season Unscathed: NOW’s the time to prepare and here’s how….

October 27, 2014, written by katie
Proverbs Printable...you are already beautiful

The real key to living well is not in the program you pick or the fad you follow. It doesn't jive with social standards or culturally concocted norms....

Your living well starts, pure and natural, at the seat of your soul. Because that’s where the most beautiful version of YOU already resides. You already embody the strength, beauty and dignity required to succeed...so start laughing in the face of failure because it's only of this world. What am I really getting at?.....

For years I’ve worked with women all wanting what everyone else has….carrying on to try and clone some aesthetic ideal without any real idea about what their hearts and souls long for.  The happiest 'makeovers' I've seen start in the soul, with more awareness and authenticity and less aimless lamenting over lost inches.

It's also what finally worked for me, you know.... I’ve always lived actively and ate right. But I was chasing an image and succumbing to a social mindset of success. When I surrendered and sought wellness in my soul with my faith as my foundation, I finally found peace with the health of my mind and body.

That’s right! I’ve never been more comfortable in my body and it only happened when I prioritized His peace and purpose in my soul!

…………Your body is but the vehicle for a life lived well starting at your beautiful soul………

That's why I'm starting a Wellness Coaching Series with Happily Whole Members. I want to give a gift of gratitude for what God’s taught me through a different version of living well. I want to use my professional expertise different than the rest of the industry in hopes more of you will let go of lost earthly hope and find it in the Eternal One.

What’s tantalizing you? What’s got your mind all messed up, focused on the fruition of something ultimately meaningless? What obsession has hijacked your thoughts and stolen you from spending time on the stuff of this life that’s so much more important?!

Too many of us waste away in ideas of weight loss….we taunt ourselves with toning our bodies….we wrestle with food like it’s a friendship gone bad….we beguile ourselves with stress and guilt….and we sink into the spiral of self-sabotage.


Because we’ve fallen prey to society’s money-making,

soul-degrading standards of what a beautiful body means.

Just think: What if we all worked harder on our soul-health and set our sights on our Savior’s beauty standards? What if we settled into a peaceful place, seeking soul-sanity and our deepest authentic desires rather than willing ourselves to fit into a mold He’s not making!?

Now with the holidays approaching fast, aren’t we all at risk of wrapping ourselves up in worldly matters rather than a rightful kind of wellness that will allow us to honor the season more spiritually?

Yes, Friends, it’s just the right time to set our minds and souls straight so we are ready for the blessed holiday season. Let’s learn to focus on all things good when it comes to wellness. Let’s start in the soul and let the results seep out through our minds and in our bodies.

Because, you see, when we prepare ourselves for success in a more meaningful way, we become more of who we are meant to be…and results will radiate from you as simple, sweet icing on the cake!

I’m certainly far from perfect and I fall short, allowing stress to send me into old habits. But, I’ve come a long way and it’s what I do with women I truly believe makes a difference….teaching ‘change’ in a different light, encouraging and supporting self-awareness and a more spiritual side of living well. Sure, it’s always alongside my passion for real food and refreshing fitness. But, by keeping the foundation on faith and the progress more God-pleasingly purposeful, change happens from the inside-out and in honor of Him.

So, won’t you join me?! This Wellness Coaching process I execute with individual clients is going to be put into Member content here on Happily Whole. It will be sent out in Member emails with critical content to help you stay the course. You’ll have small goals and ample encouragement to help you walk through the upcoming season unscathed by stress and social standards.

So, together let’s prepare to sink right into the season of gratitude and gifts….we’ll start with your heart and mind now and work our way out. If you’d like to join, the first 'session' will be sent soon. This week, to be exact! 

Here's a FREE Printable done by my beautiful friend, Melissa Becker...it will remind you of how beautiful you already are and where your real worth resides.

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