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A Happily Whole Spirit

February 11, 2014, written by katie

A Happily Whole SPIRIT

Dare I define a happily whole spirit!? I think not. I only wish to ponder this and then allow you to craft your own soul’s sanctity with your Creator. Whether anything I say here rings relevance into your ears, I invite you to think deep about how ‘happily whole’ truly does start in your soul…….

I embarked on my own pursuit of living happily whole only after I found myself broken, worn out and widdled into a mess of a single mom. The pursuit itself has not made me whole or happy in myself alone…it has opened me up to being made whole by who made me. God, on any given day, fills any hole, fixes any mess and offers comfort in the darkest corners when there’s no fixing to be done.

So, yes, Friends, ironically my soul really is whole at its most broken because that's when my Maker molds my weary heart into something more than I can muster up on my own. Whether grief or guilt, whether loads of laundry or piles of paper, whether kids or house wear me out, HE fills and fixes me up. And, THAT’s how human imperfection bores happily whole over and over again, everyday a little differently. I am able to let go and get rest in my soul so that even in a messy life (or livingroom!) I am assured that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now.

It requires attention. Oh yes, we must sow the seeds we've been given if we want them to blossom…..I have to feed my soul for it to flourish! Reading, writing, devotions, diligent prayer, time with Him in the Word and honoring my blessed role as a mother--all ways I sow my seeds and feed my soul. The fields of your heart are different. How do you nourish your spiritual side? 

The reward of nurturing a soul lingers long past a body’s health and thrives more deeply than a mind can fathom. Living happily whole happens when we connect to our soul’s deepest desires. I humbly believe those deeply rooted desires reveal God’s calling on our lives. He gives them to us as nagging passions, talents and dreams. He uses them to nudge us onto His narrow path wide with blessings!

Soul nourishment offers more than worldy rewards. In whatever your situation, spiritual health sets the stage for living happily whole from the inside out.

Our bodies navigate. Our minds learn, decide and even dream. But, this often misunderstood (sometimes ignored) spiritual side makes us who the world will miss if we don't catch our own wave and ride it! 

Your soul lets you know you are necessary; a purposeful part of the whole.

You may already have come to realize my soul seeks nourishment from God….The Trinity. It’s His wisdom I seek when I can’t understand, His comfort I feel when I fail, His purpose leading me to accept that this life is about more than this moment. The more often I humbly connect with even the most minor detail of God’s grace or give gratitude for even the daintiest detail of my life, the more I feel whole.

Then, I am ‘well’ within my soul.

Spiritual health fills in the blanks and completes the puzzle. It lays the foundation and paves the path. It is where we can rest when our own understanding fails us and shortcomings show us the door.

Spiritual health tells us we were made for more! More than tapping into the tangibles. When it comes to wellness you were made for more even than real foods and exercise. You were made to feel whole even when this world says you’re not. All that tangible living well comes without the weariness when we live well in our souls first.

Have you ever felt restless? Like you want something more? Some soul nourishment! It's that indescribable ‘more’ that you were meant for calling to you from the seat of your soul!

Perhaps it's the pursuit of a personal passion, making more of motherhood or following through with a wellness vision for your life. Your calling may nag at you in the form of excitement, anxiety, passion, fear or fascination. But, the first step to thriving is arriving! And you are here, comfortably in His care. So, let His love and grace fill your heart and flow through you into the world right around you.

Both success and struggle have led you perfectly to this place on your path wherever you are. His plans are good so let’s just listen. It wasn’t until I truly laid my foundation in that faith, resting not in my attempts to understand, that living well started feeling whole; like more than shallow attempts at drawing meaning out of an empty well.

God gave me strengths and tools to use for His good! Little ole’ me! He gave you some too, you know! So, ask Him to direct your desires and design the dreams for your life. Then start nourishing your soul each day to stay close to His call! Whether in a big way or in lots of little ways, we all will be used WELL if we start at the seat of our souls.

Let's get started living well from the inside out!  


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