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My Political Position: Unwavering & Eternal

November 8, 2016, written by katie
Christ is King


What do we do when things seems so unsure and we simply can’t see how either of our only options offer any semblance of sanity to an already sad situation?

We’re stuck. We’re stuck in the mess and muck of a nation so confused over moral standing that we find ourselves standing on the cliff of cultural crucifixion. Or maybe it’s worse. Maybe the masses find themselves so far from the edge where taking the necessary risk to regain global composure can’t even be spotted on the horizon.

And when we really take time to listen to what the next generation youth learn through underlying messages and life experiences, when we peer into the perceptions and meander into their mindsets, we find an unfathomable truth: It’s not getting better before things get worse.  

How many more times can I tell them to take the narrow road before they see a tightrope to walk into their futures on? How much more can we do as moms to tear them from outside influences indoctrinating their minds with anti-Biblical messages boasting amoral reasoning and desensitizing them to any form of self-respect and modesty?

Maybe it seems a bit unrelated but, actually, I do believe it all begins at the top where ‘anything goes’ trickles down from a liberal bucket of legislation eventually leaking all the way into our elementary schools. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when grade school books slant one way and suddenly we have groups of little girls and boys questioning the morals their own frustrated mothers teach them while principals smooth over parent concerns for the sake of their own form of local political peace. But strangely, I understand because I’m also living the mess and feel the cultural stress!

I think this may be the first time I’m opening my heart and shaking out my hands over this keyboard to ponder the mess of our nation’s politics. But why run from the toughest truths when words offer the starting point of a diplomatic dialog we don’t seem to have enough of? Instead we witness opposing sides steering man against man, husband against wife and groups away from peaceable negotiations. We see the enemy, (yeah, I’m saying it) Satan, stepping into hearts and homes until rioting against one another becomes the acceptable answer to what really needs unifying negotiations.

Because even when we truly have the good of a nation….the good of our own future generations….at heart, guns blazing for personal interests and a hot pursuit of the other political party blur any sense of best interest. No one wins.

Can it really be so bleak!? Let’s look at what we already know to find a silver lining. Too few are willing to step off that cliff into careful examination of how the only unifying One beckons us back to Him for all right answers. But, let’s peer into history…deep inside of His Story.

Just like Israel in ancient times wandered off, America has wandered…WE ALL have wandered… Our idols of prestige, popularity, power and possessions are no lower in sinful standing than golden calves or worshipping pagan gods. They are both born of selfish human desires including self-recognition, self-preservation, self-satisfaction and self-defining. And both approaches to idolatry end in a downward spiral of social, political and moral demise of an entire nation! Maybe the only sense of self we really need is self-denial to find the only saving road leading to Him.

Nationally, we’ve been so blind that our own children can’t see! And we already know the cultural lens won’t improve when both our voting options offer legislation lacking Biblical awareness. That’s why I wonder: When He saw how far His American people truly followed in the footsteps of Israel’s idolatry, perhaps God let us get so lost so we’d finally focus on REAL FREEDOM!

The home of the brave will finally become a pursuit of real bravery when we realize Christ is the epitome of courage and strength all wrapped up as the only sovereign, servant King. Yeah, instead of standing behind a political party, let’s bow down to Him who reigns over all time in strength, compassion, mercy and servanthood. In Him, we ALL win.

He’s the only place where peace meets politics.  So, parents, keep preaching His sovereignty! Do it every day as you saturate each issue with our reigning Savior's Word at the winning podium! Line every day with His desires. Bring back God’s loving, law to govern your families because no matter what happens in the human political arena, heaven’s our eternal home.

As for today’s temporary election, remember God’s already ruling our hearts from His throne as we wait for His Son’s return when no president presides and no man’s pride wins any race. Whatever side of the aisle we sit in, whatever our politics or personal agenda, let the mark we make in this life and in our homes please our almighty Maker. 

And whatever the earthly outcome, let us remember we are always and ultimately FREE in Christ! 
Because Christ is our forever King and our Savior is sovereign over all! 
Regardless of what any ballot awards, we are already winners bearing a reward that makes us a different kind of eternally FREE! 



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