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A Love Letter to My Little Girls

February 6, 2015, written by katie
A Love Letter to My Little Girls

My Dear Baby Girls,

There’s something I want you to know…so many things, actually. But, to start here’s what I want you to hear, really hear.

I love you more than you can even understand. It’s the kind of love my mommy heart never knew until I had you.

God planned you for me and me for you! He knit you together in my body and you grew into a real life baby! You started as a tiny person inside of me...amazing! That’s right, God created two of His perfect little people right inside of me and trusted me enough to raise you up for Him.

You see, my beautiful baby girls, you are His. He lets me have you here in my home to work as His helper raising you to grow into just who He wants you to be. Right now, you’re beautiful little girls. But God willing, you’ll keep growing into lovely, ladylike teenagers and then wonderful women of God.

My love for you starts in the heart of God, that’s how I know it’s real! GOD IS LOVE and He is the One who taught me to love. “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) That's way my most important job as a mommy is to keep following Him and letting His love shine through me all over you!

You’re learning to love and trust Him, too. I already see Him in you in little things you do and sweet words you say. God's love is in you, just like it's in me. God is in you. Actually, that's the loveliest thing about you! No matter how messy your hair or when tears streak your cheeks, He’s still always the same inside of you. So, in Him, your beauty never goes away. 

Sometimes it’s so easy for us girls to think too much about how we appear on the outside. Yes, both of you are so incredibly beautiful on the outside! But you are much, much more than what you see. You are kind, smart, funny, strong and faithful. You are more valuable than anything money can buy!

“….Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” (1 John, 4:16)

God made you special and He fills you up with His love. And that comes with your most precious assignment for your WHOLE LIFE: to give His love away! In fact, the closer you stay to Him, the more love you’ll feel and the more you will be able to give it as gifts to others! It’s like a cup that keeps overflowing. He keeps pouring love into your cup, even faster than you can fill other’s cups up. You’ll never run out!

Sometimes His love spills out of your cups in acts of kindness. You can take your kindness and sprinkle it all over…just like confetti!  You can use your colorful, sparkly pieces of confetti and sprinkle them all over everyone around, especially on those you see wearing a frown.

Yes, my little Loves, that’s what I want to sprinkle on you, God’s colorful confetti made with mommy’s love! And when you do it, too, it’s God’s love coming out of me AND you!

Sometimes God’s love shines out of you like bright, shiny lights! God shined His light on a sinful, dark world when His Son was born. Sometimes things still feel dark and dreary, don’t they? And sometimes you sin. But because He loves and forgives you, you'll always have lots of love, faith and light to share.

Think of it like your faith, love and blessings magically turning into into sparkly lights. You can send bursts of brightness out into the world around you! Each time you open your mouth, sweet words can light up someone else’s day by what you say. Every time you do something special, my sweet girls, even the simplest little thing, you use your hands to share the light of His love. Opening a door, wiping up the floor, lending a hand, giving a hug, snuggling with your sister like a bug in a rug!

Yes, sweet girls, you are so very valuable to me and to the world around you. You are His love sprinkled all over and His light shining bright.

You are the most perfect little gifts God could have given me. And it all started with His love. He put love into me especially for YOU and my cups always overflowing! My love spills out on to you and I always pray you feel my mothering that way.

So, when I’m making your lunch or we’re doing a homework lesson, when I’m braiding your hair or telling you I care, when I touch your back to lead you in the right direction or even when I must give you my motherly discipline, I want you to know it’s all out of love. It’s me doing my mommy job!  It’s my mommy-heart hovering over you with His love light and covering you with confetti!

I love you always and forever,


Printables for your girl's wall.  (see images below:)

Be Pretty Printable: Be Pretty~ printable from Happily Whole.pdf

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Be Pretty....Scatter Kindness Like Confetti...Let my Light Shine


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