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30 Day Spring Cleaning Food Lists

May 7, 2015, written by katie
Eating Clean Food Lists


Preparation is one of the biggest predictors of success. And Ladies, PRAYER is your best way to prep! I know, that’s not the concrete ‘how to’ you’re looking for in this post. But if you never consult your Maker, who do you expect is going to provide you with the strength to make real, lasting change successfully?

So, let me say it again: Preparation is one of the biggest predictors of success and prayer is the best way to prepare. Okay, don’t say I never gave you the most important key to eating clean!

Moving on to the more tangible to dos, let’s be clear here: This is going to be a challenge, for some of you more than others. Your journey is just that: YOURS. Some of you may already be more than half way to consistent clean eating and refreshing fitness routines. Some are trying this type of thing for the very first time. And yet others may desire inspiration and a new, healthier way of thinking more than a new way of eating. No matter who you are or where you’re starting, IDENTIFY YOUR STARTING POINT AND SET A GOAL FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS.  

What do you want to get out of this?

Write your goal down—in your brain, in you journal, heck, on bathroom mirror! Write it wherever it helps you to remain focused for 30 days. No one ever changed a habit, mind or body, in a matter of a weeklong honeymoon stage. So, you’re going to have to struggle a little bit during the span of a month. But, with your goal in writing, you’ll have something personal and purposeful to reference. So, decide RIGHT NOW—are you ALL IN for 30 days?

Here’s the deal, the real-clean eating deal: You have to view this process differently than you have in the past. This is an OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD YOURSELF UP AND NURTURE YOUR BODY AND SOUL. It’s about nourishment, not nauseatingly impossible rules. It’s about building your body up, not tearing your psyche down. And it is about cleaning out your insides, gaining energy, surrendering your weaknesses, giving God an area of your life you may have been withholding—and then it is about building healthy LIFE HABITS out of all that.

WHEN (not IF) you slip, you’ll need to learn to surrender. Give it over to God and not in to guilt. Recognize change is hard but you always have hope. Instead of giving up, get right up and do an immediate ‘U Turn’ back towards your goal.

Now take a deep breath. The first time you look over these lists, simply take a moment to soften your perspective and let it all sink in. You’re about to make a change and it’s going to feel good!

Then read the lists again and create a grocery list. Set any anxiety aside. I’ll provide more direction on how to break this all down in future posts. And, remember, it’s a process and it does not have to be perfect.  Right now, you simply need to equip your kitchen. Each week I’ll be adding elements, educating you and providing you with more ideas. You’ll will build on what you began.

We’re getting back to the basics and eating ‘close to the earth’ for 30 days! 


Clean Foods to Eat In Abundance:

  • Fresh vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and bright orange squash and sweet potatoes
  • Fresh fruits, especially berries
  • Raw nuts and nut butters, especially almonds and walnuts
  • Seeds, especially pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds
  • Legumes, especially black beans, lentils and chick peas
  •  Quinoa
  • Wild fish, especially salmon
  • Eggs, pasture-raised, farm fresh
  • Coconut oil, organic, virgin and expeller pressed
  • Butter and/or ghee
  • Olive oil at room temperature (not cooked), extra virgin and organic
  • Avocado
  • Spices

Side Notes: While fresh are best, you may use frozen vegetables and berries. Choose organic produce whenever possible/feasible. Nuts and nut butters should be natural without any added ingredients except for other ingredients on this or the moderation list. All meats, eggs and butter should be grassfed and from pasture raised animals. You may use Celtic sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt in moderation.


Eat/Drink in Abundance Above and Beyond (a bit more advanced):

  • Fermented foods and drinks (kombucha, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut)
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water, honey or stevia (see Tips post)
  • Lemon water first thing in the morning, warmed
  • Green smoothie (see my morning routine)
  • Take a good quality probiotic before bed (like Garden of Life brand)


In Moderation (if you desire but not necessary) Eat:

  • Grassfed meats and/or organic pasture-raised chicken
  • Raw cheese or goat cheese
  • Pasture raised dairy products (milk, cream, yogurt)
  • Ancient grains (kamut, buckwheat, quinoa, barely, millet, amaranth, einkorn wheat)
  • Sprouted grains (see this post)
  • Oats, especially steel cut
  • Coffee and/or tea, organic
  • Red wine, organic and sulfite free

Side Notes: These items are not necessary to eat, but can add enjoyable variety to a normal diet. Consumed mindfully and no more than ONE serving per day they can be healthy.


Stay 100% Away

  • Refined, white sugar and flours
  • Pasta, pretzels, packaged snack foods
  • Table salt
  • Fast food of any kind
  • Prepared, boxed foods
  • White potatoes
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Wheat breads and bread/pasta products (unless sprouted and, even then, in moderation)
  • Soda
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Foods with dyes

Side Notes: You MUST read labels. If there are words you do not recognize or cannot pronounce, put it back on the shelf! You’d be surprised at what contains dyes, additives and other non-nutritive ingredients. Avoid any refined or processed sugar products or derivatives such as corn syrup. Again, you’d be surprised…even many dressings and tomato sauces contain sugar! Avoid soy and products that contain soy, as many power/protein bars do.  


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