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Sinless Sweet Treats

Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Bars...and how I'm choosy with my chocolate

February 3, 2015, written by katie

Chocolate. Love. Ohhhh…they just go together like coffee and cream or like pumpkin and pie or like sweet potatoes and a pad of real butter. Need I say more? Chocolate holds my heart’s hand and every time I come up with a new concoction, it has me smitten all over again!

I LOVE chocolate. I’ll be honest, I eat some every single day. I’m a dark chocolate girl so even a few small morsels taste like bittersweet, indulgent perfection.

Chocolate, Chick Pea Mini-Cupcakes...and giving your heart away

October 24, 2014, written by katie

What piece of your heart will the world hear today?

Will it be a gift of expressed gratitude you're giving away?

Or maybe a kind, helping hand to someone who's gone astray?

You've got something to give. Even on days you feel like you’ve lost all your luster or week’s that have worn you weary, you possess priceless pieces of your heart that are meant to be given away.

Vanilla Whole Grain Cupcakes with Maple/Vanilla Buttercream

July 24, 2014, written by katie

According to, well, ME, there's no reason to completely compromise nutrition when you want to indulge a little. Like, for example, in the case of a seven year old birthday celebration! Yes….my first born turned seven this past week and I don’t know how that sweet little thing got so old (especially when her mama is only twenty…)!

Serving Up a Lesson on Simplicity with Simple Summer 'Soft Serve'

June 21, 2014, written by katie

This summer I’m on a quest for simplicity.  It feels good!

Whether it's in how I spend the day or through the food that fills our plates, sometimes step-by-step directions just aren’t necessary. For the simple things in life, we don’t always need structure, routine or long lists of ingredients. As a beginner to this idea, I’m learning this ‘simple’ lesson little by little and, as my antidotes are so often inspired, a recent time in the kitchen supports my conclusion that sometimes simplicity makes life so much more satisfying.  

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Decadent Dates

April 28, 2014, written by katie

I didn’t know anything about Medjool dates until about two years ago. Boy, was I missing out! Sweet and semi-soft with a tantalizing texture, Medjool dates make regular old pitted dates seem like an exhausted, old weathered cousin.  

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Black Bean Brownies

February 21, 2014, written by katie

I got it from my Mom. She loves to be in her kitchen creating bakery concoctions. I’m pretty sure she loves cooking too, but baking seems to be her preferred food-creation passion. Whether it’s for her love of food or the excitement of exploring new recipes, I’m not sure. But, either way, it was passed along to me.

For me, baking bestows a blissful therapeutic effect on me. I love to experiment, explore and, most of all I love to cut into the final creation when it’s ready it’s ready to sample. It’s tastefully-satisfying science!

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Almond Butter Quinoa Cookie Bars

February 7, 2014, written by katie

Frugal. Who me? Welll..... My sister laughs at me because I held out on getting an iPhone until recently to avoid the cost of the data package. I only caved when I realized how much easier this blogging gig would be with one! I purchase my greeting cards, craft materials and coloring books in the dollar section at Target...only if they are ONE DOLLAR (when did it become the two or three dollar section, anyways?).

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Chewy Caramel(ish) Granola Bars

February 7, 2014, written by katie

Okay, okay, this one's a little more 'involved'! But that's just the way some things are. Sometimes ya gotta give a little extra effort for the desired result. You see, I was looking for new recipes after I determined my oldest's need to go gluten free. There's a whole story leading up to it, but it's the post-story that's sent me on a roller coaster looking for real-food, nutrient dense kid-friendly concoctions without the instigating ingredient...gluten.


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