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More Simple Summer Meals

July 16, 2014, written by katie
Steel cut oats, strawberries, peaches, peanut butter, green smoothie

Summertime for us is all about simplicity. And while I don’t ALWAYS achieve this goal and sometimes mommy frustration or sibling squabbling takes over, I often do. It’s SO important to me that my girls see ME experiencing summer with them! I long for them to look back when they are older and envision memories of the three of us savoring simple, summer moments.

From the schedule we keep to the field trips we take, from moments we read, pray and play to the meals I make, summertime oozes simplicity!

Do I Eat Gluten Free?

June 18, 2014, written by katie
Grains--millet, oats, steel cut oats, buckwheat

I’m often asked if I eat gluten free. I thought maybe you’re curious, too, since I post recipes both with and without gluten here on Happily Whole.

So, do I eat gluten free?

NO. I do not. But let me explain…. While I often choose gluten free options, it’s not necessarily because I’m committed to or medically need a gluten or grain free eating style (notice: I stay away from the word, ‘diet’).

However, I am extremely particular about the grains I consume.

Kitchen Clean Up

December 24, 2013, written by katie
Eat a Rainbow of Real Foods!

I’m not talking about sweeping, wiping cupboard shelves (although mine could certainly use a dusting!) or disinfecting the sink. My concern with your clean-up efforts goes far beyond those basics. In this instance, it’s the items we remove from the shelves and put into our mouths that make for either a clean or not-so-sparkly kitchen.

A little dust never killed anyone, but the sad statistics show that the foods we stock up with can.

So let’s tidy up the nutrition in your kitchen!

My Real Food Revelation

December 24, 2013, written by katie
Real food is beautiful!

Early in my adult life, my focus on food included concerns over calories, weight, fat content and then, for a while even carbs. UGH—I recall how all that tracking and counting cluttered my mind making food less pleasurable! I'm ashamed to say that it really all came down to aesthetics. I ate a healthy diet but not for the right reasons. Giggle, snicker and snort all you want...but looking back I see how little I enjoyed food! I wonder if you can relate??


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