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Slow Starts & Savoring the Stops

January 21, 2014, written by katie
Saved in the Setbacks!

It’s been a bit of a struggle lately. It’s a time of transition for me personally and professionally and little things that hold up the process keep popping up!  It’s frustrating when progress slows or stops because of mistakes, missteps or outside disturbances.

But, instead of sulking, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to offer a prayer of gratitude…a little sharing of thanks for what keeps me growing and giving effort in the face of exhaustion. Strangely enough, I feel an ironic appreciation for what holds me back.

Thank you, God, for small beginnings and even setbacks. You halt my desire to move ahead hastily by providing speed bumps that slow me down. They make for moments to refocus my sights and realign my desires with what’s authentic. I stop to struggle and simply listen to the calling again.  Forgive me for my frustration in the face of challenges because I know that you have crafted the quilt of my life with care. Each stich provides me with lessons to humbly hone my skills, some of which I am fast and proficient at and some which suddenly stop me. Thank you for helping me match my character to my calling and reminding me to move at your purposeful pace.

From time to time, I find myself struggling to start. I stare at the screen with the blinking cursor. I baulk at the yoga mat that waits for me in the morning. I drag my feet when faced with the feat of overcoming personal and professional failures.

Then I started thinking—I know this routine just in a different realm! I know how to overcome adversity and stand up to setbacks. I’ve done this before. It takes a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and determination to deter my thoughts from the temptation to toss it out. It requires patience and peace in the pace. It calls for His help, hope and a healthy embrace of the experience. Yes, an embrace in the face of the feat.

I know that it is in these times, times of struggle, that I have built perseverance and character to match my calling.

No matter how hard our human hearts want to avoid the slow go of a tough terrain, it’s in these places where we learn the most about which course to conquer next.

I’m sure of it. You’ve felt it too, right? We all face fears, setbacks and struggles. In fact, you’re here, on this site, because some inner inkling pulls you towards a well lived life. You’re drawn to whole living and heading in the direction of mind-body-spirit health. Most likely, you’ve come to a full and complete stop from time to time. You know, the kind where the brake hits hard and your head jerks forward then back.

I don’t know much but I do know these stops are temporary….and placed purposefully in our path. They are integral to the forward motion most suited for you. The struggles set the scene. The path you are on prepares you!

The spiral of second guessing actually helps you develop who you are, see what you want and listen to the call of the next direction.

Instead of allowing slow starts or mid-journey setbacks discourage you, thank God for the time to sharpen your vision. It provides you with perspective and problem solving skills. It gives you a moment of peace and quiet to listen and learn, allowing you redefine your direction.

I know—it’s not easy in the moment.  OH—easy it’s NOT! But we were never promised ‘easy’ and so much of our soul’s seasoning comes from soul searching.

When you struggle you are given a gift and a reminder to be present in the process of positive change. When you are slow off the starting block, take advantage of the opportunity to grow and gain insight.

No matter what your personal wellness goals, no matter what dream you desire, allow your character to match your calling. The only way is by participating in ALL parts of the path that lay in front of you from the slow starts to the speedy successes.

Listen to the calling of your unique character and thank God for the setbacks!

Savoring the Slowness of Today’s Start,



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