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Pluck a Piece of Your Heart....and give it away

September 30, 2014, written by katie
A piece of your heart

What piece of your heart will the world hear today?

Will it be a gift of expressed gratitude you're giving away?

Or maybe a kind, helping hand to someone who's gone astray?

You've got something to give. Even on days you feel like you’ve lost all your luster or week’s that have worn you weary, you possess priceless pieces of your heart that are meant to be given away.

They are parts of you sown into the depths of your soul only you were created to give. You see, no one in this world has your quality of words or crafty ways. Those unique characteristics culminate to create what you can give away.

Yeah, we are just meant to give it all away...

And what’s more amazing is how giving away pieces of your heart and soul strengthens your character so much more! You'll never be left empty when you empty yourself out for others! Instead, you'll overflow!

So pluck a piece of your purpose right from your heart and hand it to someone in your path. Do it today. And repeat it on every tomorrow. 

Because there's nothing prettier than letting our Lord's love shine in our hearts and work through our hands. It’s His hand holding your heart and constantly creating your character. He’ll never allow you to lose yourself by scattering the kindness of your soul amply! No, by giving in abundence you'll never be empty.

So, yeah, search your heart for what someone else needs. Open your soul for the stranger you see struggling. And use your hands to help a hurting friend. Gladly give it all away.....and feel your heart grow as grace replaces every gift you give.

What are you giving today? 


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