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Body Weight Workout

February 21, 2014, written by katie

This is a quick, easy, time sensitive little workout for when you're running short on time. 

So, put on your favorite music and give this one a whirl! Or if you're so short on time that you can't even get these exercises done all at once, dress comfortably for your busy day and keep your computer, phone or tablet open so you can do them throughout the day!

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Pure Body Weight

February 20, 2014, written by peggy

We all come up with excuses of why we can't exercise when we are out of our home base. We don't have our equipment or the space we need.  The weather is bad and we can't go out for a run or you didn't bring your workout clothes.  Well we have all been in that situation.  You know you will feel so much better if you could be active, right?  So we have the plan for you.

Tone it Up as You Work it Out!

January 17, 2014, written by katie

So, time was pressing hard and I needed to release some steam! Have you ever been there? I'm not sure if you can relate but for me, after too much of this wintry inactivity, my muscles start aching to move more and my mind needs some stress mending. I need a good old-fashioned exercise session but father time simply isn't giving enough away! 


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