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Living well from the inside out


I am well in my soul....not always, but that's when I know I'm really living well;  when I'm Living well from the Inside Out.

It's here where I really live, where I breathe and believe in so much more than what I see. It's my soul's workshop filled with what I've come through, me in this moment and hints of where I'm headed in heart and soul.

A journal, really. The kind where I take ALL God's given me, form words and then give them away in little morsels from the seat of my soul to slowly sink into yours. It's the place I tinker and toy with life lessons, sharing hopes of peace and purpose. It's what I wish to wrap up as a gift for two girls who fill my heart with gratitude and gumption to live well each day! 

I’ll be blessed to share a word once in a while that resonates with you! Now, pull up a chair and rest with me…..

Are You What You Seem?

November 4, 2014, written by katie
Reflect on


Things aren’t always what they seem.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

What you see isn’t always what you get.

Cliché? Perhaps. But true.

In fact, I wonder what you’d think of me if you met me in person. Does my writing lead you to who I am in my heart? Does my life reflect the values I teach in my home? Am I honoring the inner essence of me with what shows on my exterior?

Do you ever ask yourself those questions? Or is it just me thinking, again, deeper than I should be?

Get Through the Season Unscathed: NOW’s the time to prepare and here’s how….

October 27, 2014, written by katie
Proverbs Printable...you are already beautiful

The real key to living well is not in the program you pick or the fad you follow. It doesn't jive with social standards or culturally concocted norms....

Your living well starts, pure and natural, at the seat of your soul. Because that’s where the most beautiful version of YOU already resides. You already embody the strength, beauty and dignity required to succeed...so start laughing in the face of failure because it's only of this world. What am I really getting at?.....

Paint the World Pretty

October 20, 2014, written by katie
Paint the World Pretty

We have a choice to make every day. Will we walk with Him or without Him? Will we bring Him into our worlds, words and actions? Or will we hastily make our way through the day, hoping things fall into place, unconscious of His calling.

That’s right, our mundane days hold purpose and calling even if it’s just from our own kitchens or the way we talk to our toddlers and teens. So, yeah, every day the Spirit aches for us to choose His way as we muddle along hopefully singing His song.

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Session 1: Prepare Your Mind for Change

October 15, 2014, written by katie

Living well starts on the inside, inside your mind and your soul. I promise, it does! But how can I convince you of it?

Perhaps you’ve tried plenty of programs, approaches, quick-fixes, diets or fads and you keep on failing. Maybe you are hard pressed to find purpose in your chosen plan and so, after a few weeks, what you’re doing doesn’t stick. Or, I suppose you might KNOW it but you don’t let the ‘inside-out’ truth saturate your mindset enough to act on it long term.

Pluck a Piece of Your Heart....and give it away

September 30, 2014, written by katie
A piece of your heart

What piece of your heart will the world hear today?

Will it be a gift of expressed gratitude you're giving away?

Or maybe a kind, helping hand to someone who's gone astray?

You've got something to give. Even on days you feel like you’ve lost all your luster or week’s that have worn you weary, you possess priceless pieces of your heart that are meant to be given away.

Step Out on a Limb...

September 29, 2014, written by katie
Walk out on a limb

Lately I feel like I’m living on a limb, teetering and balancing as I walk along not knowing which side of the tree I’ll fall on. With a recent past filled with pain yet purpose and a present promising a new season of heart-saving hope, I step cautiously.

I wonder if God’s calling me to yet another cliff.

Because when He says jump, the only thing to do is close your eyes on the edge of the cliff and trust. Free fall, knowing He’s used any pain and purpose of your past to prepare you for the present moment.

How Much Weight do You Give Your Weight?

September 16, 2014, written by katie
Your Weight is not Your Worth

I am just going to say it. Weight is one of the least inspiring and most misleading ‘symptoms’ of living well I can think of. Sure, it tells us how heavy our bodies are—organs, cells, skin, bones, muscles, and water all added together to make a nice, neat little number. We look at a scale and can tell if that culmination has risen or fallen. 

So, what?

You're Already Beautiful

August 25, 2014, written by katie
Weight doesn't matter to who you are: You are already beautiful!

Try telling a six year old she’s beautiful on the inside when someone’s making fun of her toothless smile and super sensitive ways. Talk to a four year old about why she’s lovely just the way she is after her eye’s been swollen shut from a bug bite and her sister can’t stop laughing.

One day. Two girls convinced of their ugliness despite my attempts to tell them otherwise.

You may think, ‘Oh, that’s just girls…they’ll grow out of it!’

This Blogger's Hopping!

August 4, 2014, written by katie
You are already beautiful in your soul..stop looking in the mirror for your worth

As a ‘baby blogger’, everything feels a little foreign in this online world of writers. I long to listen to everyone who’s gone before me, sitting quietly like a fly on their backend online office wall. It’s intimidating out here (or in here….) on the web!

I just want to fit in….but then again I don’t. Actually, I want to do things MY way!  Always have.


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